Purchases & Free Mobile Phone Solutions

These days, it seems like the whole world is going digital. People are no longer likely to bring large wads of cash into shops and instead depend on their iPhone to check bank accounts in real time, pay for meals at restaurants with contactless taps, make purchases at stores with Apple Pay, and get tickets for concerts, movies, and sporting events online. Other enterprises are getting more creative by giving offers you can claim using a simple mobile coupon code.

Everyone loves the convenience this system brings. Today, it’s so easy to pay for your day-to-day needs with just a tap of your smartphone. These apps will deliver your electronic receipt via email. People go crazy over these paperless transactions, because for the first time, their bags and wallets are tidy, free from numerous crumpled receipts they had in the past.

Restaurant & Store Purchases

More and more restaurants, coffee hubs, and retail stores are getting into the trend of accepting payments via mobile apps. In one of the most famous coffee houses in the world for example, payments are made by tapping the downloaded app from your smartphone then showing the bar code from the device of your screen to the cashier.

Others use it in restaurants where they accept this type of payment. When it’s time to pay for your bill, you just need to tap on the app’s icon, tag eatery and the staff member will automatically see your photo on the screen, which takes the place of giving out a valid ID. Then when your bill appears, enter how much tip you want to give and your transaction is complete. Other apps allow you to pay from local food trucks without the need to be there. All you need to do is pick it up when it’s ready and good to go.

Very soon, the tipping point will be reached where the majority of stores will be accepting NFC technology to generate more sales by providing the ease and convenience their customers need. With one wave of your phone in the credit card terminal, you’re done with your shopping. No more lines, no more waiting. It may still take several months or so before other smaller companies fully catch up, but with the demand so high and the clamour so intense, it may be sooner than you think.

On Banking Transactions

Now smartphone apps are available to check your account balance and purchase history, and even conduct funds transfers between online banks. Some banks even let their customers deposit funds with just a photo of a cheque on your mobile phone.

On Buying Tickets

Even concerts, sporting events, movie houses, and public transport systems allow users use tickets bought from their smartphones. Now there’s an app allowing you to search and download sports tickets to the game of your choice. Other sporting teams let their fans get inside the stadium with a flash of a barcode from their phones, in exchange for scanning regular tickets. Even some subway systems have started experimenting with the technology by allowing commuters to get in with just a wave of their smartphone.

Mobile Computing Solutions Coupon Code & Offers

Some of the latest digital wallet applications have mobile computing solutions to send offers to their users. Some coffee hubs track the number of drinks you have purchased and after your, say, 15th purchase gives you a free drink in return. Others offer discounts on your first purchase. Some digital wallet apps let users redeem their coupons automatically so long as the cash register of the store acknowledges payments from mobile phones.

Yes, everyone enjoys the ease and convenience of mobile banking, digital purchases, and paperless transactions that nobody seems to be paying much attention to security measures. Hopefully, app developers will come up with more stringent measures to protect their users from scams and other fraudulent activities of criminals. After all, there are things in life you cannot buy, and one of them is peace of mind.

One small area where a few consumers are getting left behind are the mobile phones themselves. All too often they’re tied into expensive contracts, or worse still paying for the same ones they’ve been subscribing to for many years. The best course of action if this applies to you is to get a new deal – the best sim card to match your use could literally save you thousands of pounds every year.