Do You Really Need Storage? Are You Doncaster’s Worst Hoarder?

We’ve recently talked about the sheer amount of possessions that students amass that you end up carting backwards and forwards from university halls or other types of accommodation. We’ve also talked about putting belongings into storage. But are those the only two options?

Actually, these can be fixes to paper over the gaps when there’s a much more serious problem at hand, and that’s when you’ve got a severe, terminal case of hoarding. It’s a very common problem, and virtually everyone knows somebody that’s stashed away every last trinket that the kids made as school, along with their reports, photographs of every event they’ve ever been to, and more.

When you stop and think about it, when will you ever look at these things again? This simple answer is more than likely that you won’t. Ever. Full stop.

There have been cases of people’s attics giving way under the weight of all the hoarded items that have been kept ‘just in case’. It’s not only expensive to repair, but very likely to cause serious injury or even kill someone. Residential properties just aren’t built to withstand this amount of weight, so inevitably, eventually, something has to give.

So, you’ve admitted you’ve got a problem, and just like at the stereotypical AA meeting, that’s half the battle won. Now it’s just a case of figuring out how to deal with all of the rubbish removal. That might mean hiring a skip or arranging for collection.

It might sound borderline offensive to refer to your things as rubbish, but that’s how you need to start thinking about them. They should have been thrown out years ago, so that’s exactly how they need to be seen, as rubbish.

Of course, when you’ve got years and years of hoarding to deal with (it may even be decades), you’re not going to be able to just look up when the next wheelie bin collection is due on the Doncaster council website. At least, not unless you’re going to spend the next year or two cramming the bin full every week. Instead you need to take more immediate action, and that’s probably going to involve getting the back seats folded down in the car and start loading. You’re going to get some funny looks at the local tip, but think of the end result, a clutter free home and probably a happier family too.

Alternatives include hiring a skip or getting the council to come and collect large quantity of waste at the roadside. Both of these will have an associated fee, so get started by doing it yourself, and you’ll also feel the progress happen as you make the effort to rid of it all, car load by car load!