Purchases & Free Mobile Phone Solutions

These days, it seems like the whole world is going digital. People are no longer likely to bring large wads of cash into shops and instead depend on their iPhone to check bank accounts in real time, pay for meals at restaurants with contactless taps, make purchases at stores with Apple Pay, and get tickets for concerts, movies, and sporting events online. Other enterprises are getting more creative by giving offers you can claim using a simple mobile coupon code.

Everyone loves the convenience this system brings. Today, it’s so easy to pay for your day-to-day needs with just a tap of your smartphone. These apps will deliver your electronic receipt via email. People go crazy over these paperless transactions, because for the first time, their bags and wallets are tidy, free from numerous crumpled receipts they had in the past.

Restaurant & Store Purchases

More and more restaurants, coffee hubs, and retail stores are getting into the trend of accepting payments via mobile apps. In one of the most famous coffee houses in the world for example, payments are made by tapping the downloaded app from your smartphone then showing the bar code from the device of your screen to the cashier.

Others use it in restaurants where they accept this type of payment. When it’s time to pay for your bill, you just need to tap on the app’s icon, tag eatery and the staff member will automatically see your photo on the screen, which takes the place of giving out a valid ID. Then when your bill appears, enter how much tip you want to give and your transaction is complete. Other apps allow you to pay from local food trucks without the need to be there. All you need to do is pick it up when it’s ready and good to go.

Very soon, the tipping point will be reached where the majority of stores will be accepting NFC technology to generate more sales by providing the ease and convenience their customers need. With one wave of your phone in the credit card terminal, you’re done with your shopping. No more lines, no more waiting. It may still take several months or so before other smaller companies fully catch up, but with the demand so high and the clamour so intense, it may be sooner than you think.

On Banking Transactions

Now smartphone apps are available to check your account balance and purchase history, and even conduct funds transfers between online banks. Some banks even let their customers deposit funds with just a photo of a cheque on your mobile phone.

On Buying Tickets

Even concerts, sporting events, movie houses, and public transport systems allow users use tickets bought from their smartphones. Now there’s an app allowing you to search and download sports tickets to the game of your choice. Other sporting teams let their fans get inside the stadium with a flash of a barcode from their phones, in exchange for scanning regular tickets. Even some subway systems have started experimenting with the technology by allowing commuters to get in with just a wave of their smartphone.

Mobile Computing Solutions Coupon Code & Offers

Some of the latest digital wallet applications have mobile computing solutions to send offers to their users. Some coffee hubs track the number of drinks you have purchased and after your, say, 15th purchase gives you a free drink in return. Others offer discounts on your first purchase. Some digital wallet apps let users redeem their coupons automatically so long as the cash register of the store acknowledges payments from mobile phones.

Yes, everyone enjoys the ease and convenience of mobile banking, digital purchases, and paperless transactions that nobody seems to be paying much attention to security measures. Hopefully, app developers will come up with more stringent measures to protect their users from scams and other fraudulent activities of criminals. After all, there are things in life you cannot buy, and one of them is peace of mind.

One small area where a few consumers are getting left behind are the mobile phones themselves. All too often they’re tied into expensive contracts, or worse still paying for the same ones they’ve been subscribing to for many years. The best course of action if this applies to you is to get a new deal – the best sim card to match your use could literally save you thousands of pounds every year.

Do You Really Need Storage? Are You Doncaster’s Worst Hoarder?

We’ve recently talked about the sheer amount of possessions that students amass that you end up carting backwards and forwards from university halls or other types of accommodation. We’ve also talked about putting belongings into storage. But are those the only two options?

Actually, these can be fixes to paper over the gaps when there’s a much more serious problem at hand, and that’s when you’ve got a severe, terminal case of hoarding. It’s a very common problem, and virtually everyone knows somebody that’s stashed away every last trinket that the kids made as school, along with their reports, photographs of every event they’ve ever been to, and more.

When you stop and think about it, when will you ever look at these things again? This simple answer is more than likely that you won’t. Ever. Full stop.

There have been cases of people’s attics giving way under the weight of all the hoarded items that have been kept ‘just in case’. It’s not only expensive to repair, but very likely to cause serious injury or even kill someone. Residential properties just aren’t built to withstand this amount of weight, so inevitably, eventually, something has to give.

So, you’ve admitted you’ve got a problem, and just like at the stereotypical AA meeting, that’s half the battle won. Now it’s just a case of figuring out how to deal with all of the rubbish removal. That might mean hiring a skip or arranging for collection.

It might sound borderline offensive to refer to your things as rubbish, but that’s how you need to start thinking about them. They should have been thrown out years ago, so that’s exactly how they need to be seen, as rubbish.

Of course, when you’ve got years and years of hoarding to deal with (it may even be decades), you’re not going to be able to just look up when the next wheelie bin collection is due on the Doncaster council website. At least, not unless you’re going to spend the next year or two cramming the bin full every week. Instead you need to take more immediate action, and that’s probably going to involve getting the back seats folded down in the car and start loading. You’re going to get some funny looks at the local tip, but think of the end result, a clutter free home and probably a happier family too.

Alternatives include hiring a skip or getting the council to come and collect large quantity of waste at the roadside. Both of these will have an associated fee, so get started by doing it yourself, and you’ll also feel the progress happen as you make the effort to rid of it all, car load by car load!

Affordable Home Improvement Ideas On A Budget

For years, I was a bit of a snob when it came to decorating, choosing branded accessories, even wallpaper. More recently, though, things have changed a little since the kids have grown up and they’ve gone off to university. I have to admit, it was a bit of a shock seeing the state of student digs.

Arriving with a car full of their belongings (actually their life on wheels!), we spent the first three or four hours cleaning everything from the bathroom to the insides of the kitchen cupboards, just to stop the ground floor from making me itch. I’m a little wiser now, and apparently this is just a standard feature of student life, but I like to see a kitchen sink reflect light rather than suck it in.

As many parents will know, there’s a limited time to complete the moving in day drill. We’d completed phases one and two, that’s queueing for miles along an ‘A’ road to get to the accommodation, and then cleaning the place. Step three is the obligatory food shop, and in a university town, there are three days a year when the locals avoid the supermarket. It’s nothing to do with Christmas, New Year and Easter, there’s a much worse time, student moving in day.

So, as it happens, my dear student daughter had, by either luck or judgement, chosen to live a stone’s throw from a huge Asda supermarket, which conveniently let us kit her room out with the non food essentials at the same time. She’d been lucky enough to win some vouchers by entering a ton of Asda competitions over the summer break, so we replaced the broken lamp in her bedroom, and picked up an office chair that she’d be able to sit on to study, on the off chance that the pub happened to be closed at some point during the year. Her friends have even followed her lead to try and win a few draws themselves, even one of them that’s come over to study from Dublin and researched equivalent Irish prize draws!

If you’ve ever been through the rigmarole of moving in day, you’ll know that a trolley for food and a trolley for ‘other’ items is essential, and then you’ve somehow got to get it all back to the flat/room/house without the normal boot space in the car as it’s still full of everything your child owns (if on the off chance they have left anything behind, you can always put it in storage – it helps forget the eighteen years of stress you’ve completed once you get home again!).

Now, that other trolley would come close to bankrupting you at any normal store, but fortunately, time constraints limit us to places like Asda, and that really is what finally taught me a valuable lesson. There was actually some decent stuff. For less than the food in the first trolley set us back, we picked up the chair and lamp that were essential, and also plenty of other impressively inexpensive items too. As an example, I convinced my daughter that the bathroom would look much more colourful with a brightly coloured mat and matching towels, while thinking that might stop her slicing her foot open on the broken tiled floor. You see that’s what it’s about, twist the reason to a benefit your child relates to, and you can feel much better leaving them behind as you drive away from the death trap you’re leaving them to live in.

They’re the best days of your life, so I hear, and what’s more, I learned that Asda sell decent bathroom mats. Maybe uni does teach you something. What’s more, unlike my days at uni, all the kids seem to have mobile phones like iPhones these days, so I can give her a call whenever I like, thanks to the cheap sim only deal I got her just before the summer holidays were out!

Benefits of Self Storage When You Need It


Reduce clutter before undertaking home improvement projects or selling your home.
Photo Credit: Karl Sinfield

Are you trying to de-clutter to improve the appearance of your home for it to fetch a good market price? Alternatively, are you in between homes and the moving dates didn’t quite match? It sounds like you need some space to put your stuff for a short while. For a readily available space for storage, learn more about self storage. This is a modern-day answer to storage issues with the rising problem of space in the city. Know the benefits of self storage that you must look for when scouting for the right facility.

It is a reality that people, regardless of where they live or what they do, will need storage at some point in their life. Unlike other forms of storage, it can serve you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. The benefits of renting a unit are numerous; here are the main ones:

• You are not bound by a long-term contract. You can only use the storage when you need it. If you need more, you can get a bigger storage unit, and vice versa. This means that the unit is available for your use any time and no matter how long you need it. Typically, facilities merely require their clients to give a ten-day notice to vacate the storage unit.

• You have several payment options. Most facilities have several payment schemes that make it convenient to their clients to settle their payables upfront, by online banking, credit card, or a check. Bigger companies will even let you save money by paying with a mobile phone. For your peace of mind, these facilities ensure that you can settle your monthly dues even when you are on travel.

• You need not wait long. These storage facilities can let you move-in the same day that you made the inquiry or the reservation. In fact, some facilities even have perks that can help you move in without much hassle – free use of vans, availability of packaging materials, personnel and staff, and trolleys. When you need storage in a hurry, ask for help.

• You have 24-7 access to your stuff. If you are storing stocks or inventory for a new business, you need not transfer your business address. You can stay in your home or rent a small office in areas where business is good. If the rental per square meter in the district is too expensive, go for a cheaper self storage solution in the other districts or neighbourhoods. Just make sure that you can access your stocks or stuff round the clock 7 days a week.

• Your stuff is secured. Several layers of security can warrant guaranteed security regardless of the kind of stuff you are storing. There are different ways of securing the entry of genuine clients, but each facility implements a certain type of access-controlled entry. Each storage unit is also individually secured by the client’s own padlock to make sure that no one else can access your stored items. The entire facility is dotted with security features such as CCTV cameras and electric fences.

• Self storage is economical. There are many size options available for you. This means that you do not pay for any extra space you do not need. You can easily upgrade when you need more space like when your inventory of stocks is growing. Moving in and out of a storage unit is easy.

• Facilities try to make things easy for you. They are well equipped with the things that can make thing easier and more efficient for you. For self storage facilities that have storage units in several stories, moving in and out are easy with elevators and trolleys. They have packing materials ready for their clients. They even sell insurance to facilitate matters. Just check the fine prints to know what you are getting.

The benefits of renting self storage units for people who require extra space are too important when one is caught up with moving home, selling, renting, buying, or just freeing up some space. You have options; choose smartly.